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Hugo Lions Club/Park Show Results 09/25/10

The sky was cloudy in Hugo when we arrived but no rain drops were felt. But it was raining punches in Lions Park as part of an amateur boxing show provided by the generosity of the Hugo Lions Club and Region II St. Paul Golden Gloves. The weather was cool but the boxing action was hot and enjoyed by a large crowd who enjoyed 16 bouts on the show. Due to the amount of bouts and the limited space we have, we are going to present the results of the show with little commentary.

#1. Brandon Wellman  Duluth    80lbs.  Miguel Gomez COD  (Wellman by Dec 3)

#2. Arial Shiferan   Savage          120Lbs. Chiking Cha Brunettes (Chow RSC 3)

#3. Issac Chung   Duluth             125Lbs. Rick Ruth  WI Neisville(Chung Dec)

#4. Jacob Waltemate  Neisville 132Lbs. Alberto Gomez COD (Waltemate Dec)

#5. Erick Vehe   Duluth               140Lbs.  Dustin Vandguilder WBL (Vandguilder Dec)

#6. Mitch Gilb  St. Cloud            165Lbs. Matt Wormers  Rochester (Gilb Dec)

#7. Larry Shield  Duluth              180Lbs. Paul Gonzalez  Savage  (Gonzalea Dec)

#8. Mike Bernier WBL                 190Lbs. Lani Ismaili  Neisville     (Bernier Dec 3)

#9. Felix Valazar COD                  185Lbs. Antionio Valazar WBL  (Antionid RSC 1)

#10. Nate Burkhalter  Rochester 115Lbs. Otahl Saunders COD (Burkhalter Dec 3)

#11. Trevor Marmon Duluth    145Lbs. Jay Lee Brunettes  (Lee Dec.)

#12. Brandon Feiler St. Cloud   160Lbs. Randall Gurge Duluth (Gurge Dec.)

#13. Jaques Davis Believers     140Lbs. Steven Campillo Brunettes (Davis Dec.)

#14. Payton Lee Rochester      145Lbs. Flavio Beccerra WBL (Beccerra Dec.)

#15. Jessica Bernier WBL          130Lbs. Katie Kaufman Believers (Brenier Ret. 2)

#16. Joey Claus  WBL                155Lbs. Veshawn Owens Believers (Owens RSC  3)

  • Physician in attendance – Sheldon Segal, Referees – Mark Nelson, Scott Erickson
  • Time Keeper – Pete Bombach, Judges Bobby Brunette, Dan Joyce, Anna Phillips, Arlye Wiesman. Matchmaker – Bobby Brunette.


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